We, at APEX manufacture ready to use winches that are used in pulling & hauling application. We manufacture the following configurations of winches that are widely used in many areas.

  • Single/Double drum winches that are electrically operated.
  • Single/Double drum winches that are generator operated.
  • Single/Double drum winches that are diesel engine operated.

Special winches called segment trolley winches are used in construction industries in accurate aligning of precast segment blocks in construction of flyovers.

Cable puling winches are widely used in cable laying operation where there is no electricity power. Five or six varying speed is used to make the job faster and easier. One reverse gearing helps to unwind the rope after the laying of rope.

These winches are supplied to many public sector unite, corporate companies and exported to many of reputed companies in Middle East counties,

Specification Description
Safe Working Load 250 kg to 50000 kg
Wire rope length to accommodate As per customer specifications.
Class of Duty / Standards Class 2(M5), Class 3(M7), Class 4(M8) as per IS 3177 / IS 807/ IS 3938. Also available as per FEM, DIN, BS or any other applicable international standards.
Speeds Selected depending on client specifications / applications / shed dimensions / requirement
Crane Control From floor through Pendant Push Buttons (Radio remote Control shall be offered as optional on customer choice)
Drive System Twin Drive through worm / helical gear box with standard IEC frame Squirrel Cage Induction with fail safe AC brakes with Variable Frequency Drive for precision control.
Safety System Twin braking, Ratchet & pawl mechanism and hand brake are the additional safety features provided on request from the customer.