Maintenance & Service

In the existing highly competitive world, the ultimate pressures are mounting on the shop-floor personnel to deliver the products in the shortest possible lead times at the lowest possible costs. Under such cases, unscheduled breakdowns of any critical equipment make a major blow to our schedule. Material handling plays an unavoidable role in any production process in any industry. Thus any unexpected breakdowns of Cranes, Hoists, Winches and other material handling equipment, totally distorts the delivery schedule and the company will be embarrassed to face the clients.

In the absence or break down of a crane or a material handling equipment, multiple people are required to present on the regular maintenance team in order to make diagnosis (typically a safety inspector, a mechanic and an electrician) and all need to be coordinated to tackle a the problem. In order to reduce or almost to eliminate the viability of such unscheduled breakdowns, as well as to eliminate the hassle of putting together a team to tackle every crane problem, it is recommended to have a proper maintenance to be carried out by trained professionals having a specific expertise on the same field. This leads to a focused approach to maintenance services and helps in prediction of performances and early prevention of trouble. It is exactly on such lines that APEX offers the following services to ensure maximum up time of your material handling equipment (irrespective of the make of the equipment). We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contract for such equipments.


Trained personnel from APEX visit the client place and undertake a detailed inspection of the equipment. There are numerous indicators from which a trained person may draw conclusions and predict future performances and spot risks. Thus thorough inspection and analysis helps avoid costs that are typical to general maintenance work done by untrained maintenance personnel.

Spares & services for any make of crane

Due to normal wear and tear of vital components, it becomes essential to go in for a replacement. We at APEX supply for crane, hoist and winch related spare parts for equipment, irrespective of the original manufacturer.

Formal proactive predictive maintenance programmable program

The formal proactive predictive maintenance program offered by APEX focuses on preventing failures ever to happen. This directly increases the up-time and availability of the equipment, and thereby the profitability of the customer which is the core activity. Furthermore, on account of such a program, safety issues can be addressed before any major failures take place, thus preventing accidents and possible liability claims. Work being well planned, quality is better and expediting fire-fighting repairs that take place on unscheduled breakdown of the equipment. Also all activities can be planned to suit the customers' production schedules for minimum disturbance. During such a program crane operators can also be taught various aspects regarding handling and fault finding at cranes, thus making the workplace safer and more productive.


Flexibility is the key for success in today's ever changing world. Sometimes, old cranes, hoists, winches etc become obsolete on account of new material handling requirements. Up gradation or modernisation of such equipment almost always proves to be cheaper than going in for totally new equipment. We, at APEX offer such modernization services. Trained technicians/engineers are deployed to inspect the current equipment and understand the new needs of the clients. Then a detailed cost benefit analysis is presented to the client to identify which cranes would benefit from upgrade and modernisations.