Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Fixed Mounted type :

APEX fixed mounted Hoists are used for loading and unloading of transportation vehicles, cage hoist arrangements, production machinery, winch arrangement, etc. APEX fixed mounted Hoists are supplied with a mounting base, adjustable for a wide range of installations like floor mounting, wall mounting or ceiling mounting as shown in the figure below. The wire rope can be arranged in any of the four positions as shown in the figure below The controls for Fixed Mounted Hoists are shipped separately to be mounted as per customer's specifications. Sheaves for various reeving applications are also available.

Hoist with trolley :

APEX Trolley Mounted Hoists are used for a large number of general material handling requirements. Typically referred to as monorail hoists, these are used in assembly line operations, loading and unloading of vehicles, loading and unloading of machines, etc.

The above figure shows a general arrangement for a typical Trolley Mounted Electric Wire Rope Hoist supplied by APEX. Dimensions L, A, B and H, differ from hoist to hoist depending upon the hoisting specifications.

Trolley Mounted Electric Wire Rope Hoists has more advantages on account of their versatility and low-cost. Optional configurations like Hoists on Flexible Trolley, Hoist on extended trolley, Twin Hoist on Trolley and Hoist with Driver's Cabin are also available.

Please visit our Interactive Hoist Catalogue to select the hoist model that is suitable for your material handling requirements as well as to get an instant price quote for the same.

APEX Trolley Mounted Hoist can be supplied with either a push pull type trolley, hand geared trolley or a motorized trolley. The trolley is fabricated from structural steel and is carried by travelling wheels supported on ball bearings.

Smaller loads are moved with push pull type trolleys, whereas heavier loads are handled by hand geared or motor driven trolleys (depending upon the length of travel).

The motor driven trolley is exceptionally suitable for handling heavy loads over long lengths.

he cross-traverse motors for the hoist trolley are of the squirrel cage type with AC electromagnetic disc type braking system.

Wherever there is a limitation to the available head room (dimension H in the figure above) a trolley with a short head room arrangement is also available at an extra cost. Such a type of hoist is shown in the figure below.

Hoist on Flexible Trolley :

Where the trolley has to negotiate a curved track, or the material movement is from one bay to another or to feed the materials to each machine which are located through out the bay, this type of arrangement fulfils the requirement. The minimum radius of curvature that the flexible trolley can negotiate is 2.5m with a hoist having SWL of 6000 kg. Please contact us for minimum radii of curvature that is required for your particular handling requirements. Typically referred to as monorail hoists, these are used in assembly line operations, loading and unloading of vehicles, loading and unloading of machines, etc.

Hoist on Extended Trolley:

APEX Extended Arm Trolley arrangement is particularly required for handling bulky loads or for handling material from furnaces / chemical bath. Extended trolley can also be provided with two hooks to deal with paper rolls, ladles, logs, etc. When the loads go beyond the overhead track, an over hanging type extended trolley becomes indispensible. Refer to the figure below for an example.

Twin Hoist on Trolley :

For exceptionally high heights of lift or two hooks to be suspended in a single drum at a fixed distance, APEX Twin Hoist arrangement can be provided. The same comes with an option of either a Single Speed arrangement or a Dual Speed arrangement. A typical example of maximum height of lift offered by a hoist having an SWL of 5000 kg arranged in the Twin Hoist configuration is 42m. The figure below shows a typical Twin Hoist arrangement.

Hoist with Driver's Cabin

APEX hoists can also be provided with driver's cabin, positioned strategically at one end for the sake of easy operation.

Bi-rail Crab:

APEX standard hoists are used as bi-rail crab with single or double hoists. The trolley can be moved by hand chain or as motorised.

Custom solutions:

Specialised Hoist can be developed for specific applications and few are as follows;

  • Flame proof model hoist to work in hazardous and flammable atmospheres.
  • High lift hoist to work in mining applications
  • Galvanised hoist/components to work in corrosive atmosphere.