Cage Lifts / Goods Lifts

Cage Lifts / Goods Lifts

Cage lifts / Goods lifts are manufactured in various sizes to suit different capacities of pay load. We at APEX manufacture standard cage lifts as well as flame-proof cage lifts.


Cage is fabricated from rolled steel section and M. S. plates these are strong enough & robust construction. These cage lifts are provided with collapsible doors & landing platforms.

Hoisting Arrangement:

We are providing Fixed mounted hoist block or Winch type mechanism for the required capacity. In hoisting mechanism we are providing 4 fall Wire Rope reviving system which give absolute vertical movement to cage. 8 fall arrangement shall be provided for the cages used for handling cars / wagons.

Cage Guide Tracks:

Specially machined "T" sections are used as cage guide tracks. Guides are provided on cage. Lubrication is used to reduce the friction, wear & tear between "T" track & guide.


Controls are provided on every floor for operation of the cage.

Safety Features:

Electro mechanical door interlocks are provided on each floor collapsible gate. Lever type limit switches are provided on each floor.

In addition to above limit switches, counter limit switch is provided (in power circuit) for over hoisting & over lowering as a additional safety feature. Spring buffers are provided on the ground floor as a safety feature. Special care taken to suit hazards environment.